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Uruguay ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡พ Fitlife

Updated: May 11

Didn't want to leave Buenos Aires tbh but figured I had to at least drop by Uruguay while I'm so close. So here we go, 3 very short days in Uruguay!


The capital and biggest city of Uruguay (where 60% of the Uruguayans live). Spent my first day here and managed to squeeze in a gym session on day 2, before heading to Colonia

ZonaFit Gimnasio

+598 2406 5898

Super close to my hostel (and the general party area of Uruguay). Considering how expensive Uruguay is, the price wasn't too bad, at 200 Uruguayan pesos (~$5 USD). Definitely not the cheapest but after the extremely ridiculous prices of the gyms in Santiago, Chile, I am pleasantly surprised. Gym itself wasn't bad. Better than "garage gym" feel with more equipment and a larger space. But it still felt like 75% of the equipment could use some TLC - with a mix of some newer stuff. But for me, it had what I needed, including my beloved squat bar (although it was the most bare basic rack). I think for $5 it was alright - great workout overall even if it wasn't the shiniest nicest equipment. 3.5/5


One of the most interesting layouts for a gym I've ever been to but it was super close to my hostel soooo

Gimnasio Fidias Gym

+598 99 388 013

At 300 Uruguayan pesos (~$7usd at the time of writing) this wasn't the cheapest. However since I only had 200pesos and it was a quick session before my ferry the lady working there was kind enough to let me in for 200 pesos. As mentioned, weird layout, 4-5 smaller rooms with random equipment. No squat bar but the most interesting smith machine I've ever encountered. Not too much variety of equipment and nothing was super nice but at the end of the day, the equipment all functioned quite well and I did have a great workout. So I guess 3.5 makes sense here, especially when considering the steep price.

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