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Get saving and spending smart

Confession: for the longest time I had severe money anxiety. I come from an immigrant family and growing up I always felt like I was the one with less means among my friends, but at the same time, I wanted to "keep up".  So, I was constantly anxiously budgeting and spending as a way to keep up. In 2020 I ended up spending an atrocious amount of money due to an addiction to mobile games. Funnily enough, it was this egregious overspending that made me reevaluate my relationship with finance. The American finance system is confusing: we constantly live in debt and even though we have some of the highest salaries, we constantly feel like we cannot afford what we want. As your financial coach, I'll help you understand the basics of managing your finances, show you how to balance living in debt and still enjoying your life through active budgeting and mindful spending. I'll show you how to prioritize and allocate your money so that you can feel anxiety free, financially stable, and live comfortably well within your means.

As your finance coach I'll encourage you to establish healthy finance practices so that you can live free of financial anxiety

  • Understand and evaluate financial status

  • Set financial goals & a personal budget

  • Learn & implement financial habits & practices that allow you to manage debt & loans and budget for travel and leisure activities (enjoy your life!)

  • Automate and sustain through regular coaching sessions that keep you accountable

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