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Get started and going

Having trouble getting motivated starting an activity - especially working out? We have all been there. Fun fact I wasn't always the most active or healthy person. Being naturally "skinny" it was easy for me to avoid being active. To make it worse I didn't monitor what I ate or drank and I always used my busy schedule as a reason to avoid engaging in healthy activities. However it was during when my life was the busiest, in 2017, when I was working full time, tutoring part time, and studying for the GMAT that I decided to start a fitness regime that'd ensure I was active. I started out slow, with just a gym session and a running session here and there, but over the years I was able to push myself harder and harder. I also reevaluated what I was putting in my body - monitoring my intake - and I started meditating. Today I have a regular healthy routine & workout (even when I'm traveling), starting my day with a meditation, a strength workout, and running a 5K daily. I've also found my balance of eating and drinking mindfully, happily, and healthily. You will learn that health isn't about weight loss but rather staying active and balanced so that you feel healthy and good about yourself.

As an activity coach, I'll help you start, establish, develop, and manifest your goals to be more active so that you feel engaged and fulfilled

  • Establish overarching activity goal

  • Set step by step approach (including smaller goals)

  • Establish & Implement activity schedule

  • Advance through regular energizing coaching sessions 

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