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Higher education and education in general was always a priority in my family. I didn't think twice about applying for the best universities in my state (California) and was proud when I was accepted into my top choices: UC Berkeley & UCLA. For my undergraduate I chose UC Berkeley and years later I chose UCLA for my MBA.


Although I was able to achieve this, the path to pursuing higher education, especially a "top tier" one isn't easy. It took persistence, patience, and support. I have years of experience as a tutor where I mentored and coached students  to reaching their academic goals. Beyond just tutoring students successfully in SAT, ACT, ISEE, and academics, I am a coach to my students, providing them encouragement, equipping them with resources, building their confidence, and helping them develop skills and habits beyond just academic success. As .your higher education coach, I'll be there to guide you during the entire Admissions process  whether it's undergraduate or masters degree.

As your Higher Education Coach, I'll use my extensive experience to provide an all inclusive approach where I provide end to end consulting and coaching on your entire application journey

Together, we will:

  • Evaluate, understand, and establish higher education goal, including college/program matching and extracurricular/activity advising

  • Organize and timeline step by step approach of application, including study plan for standardized tests and schedule for deliverables

  • Strategize approach on prospective student events and communication ensuring best visibility

  • Create a strong applicant's story, preparing, editing, and reiterating application essays and personal statements as much as needed

  • Select optimal recommendation letter writers and working with them to ensure story is cohesive

  • Prep and prepare for interviews as needed 

  • Build your confidence for a valuable and successful application journey through regular coaching sessions

For more information or if you'd like to discuss a customized package, click below to schedule a 30 minute consultation call where I provide a free evaluation of your application

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