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Get Fulfilled with your Career

As one quickly learns, embarking on a career is a major life choice. Especially for recent grads, thinking of one's career is both daunting and exciting at the same time. Of course we all know that working hard is key but how does one make sure that hard work is noticed so that your career actually develops? Do you choose the excitement of a start-up or the stability of a corporate job? How do you work hard to move up in your career without burning out? These were all questions I asked myself while pursuing my career at Fortune 500 companies. Through trial and error and thanks to my MBA, and more importantly my network and mentors,  I was able to understand how to develop a career and approach it so that it served me. I learned how to "manage up" and find a healthy work life balance   As your career coach, I'll provide you advice and guidance as you develop yourself professionally. I'll help you build confidence and challenge you in figuring out what relationship you want with your job so that you can set healthy boundaries to achieve work life balance, develop yourself professionally, and become fulfilled with your career.

As your Career Coach I provide you support and guidance in all facets of your career development so that you feel fulfilled with your career

Together we will:

  • Understand and evaluate career goals

  • Timeline approach and develop strategies to achieving your career goal including resume and cover letter review, interview coaching, networking advice, personal branding, and more

  • Develop skills and confidence on "managing up" and dealing with imposter syndrome

  • Stay encouraged and proactive on ways to develop our career with energetic coaching sessions

For more information or if you'd like to discuss assistance with just some elements (resume review), click below to schedule a 30 minute consultation call where I provide a free evaluation of your current career situation

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