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My Story

Why and how did I become a Coach?

Hi I'm Lauren Wong (any pronouns). California Born, Raised, & Educated. LGBTQ+. Asian American. UC Berkeley/Cal Alumni ('13) & UCLA Anderson feMBA Alumni ('21). Former Fortune 500 Entertainment Professional and Consultant. Emmy Winner. Dog Mom. Avid World traveler. And as my friends call me "the happiest real life energizer bunny"

The thing is I wasn’t always this way. For the majority of my formative years I was unhappy and unfulfilled. On paper, my life seemed perfect: I was a go getter and “achieving” in all the ways society told me to - steady job, serious relationship, attending a top tier MBA, and a jammed pack social schedule. However inside I was a miserable mess, crippled with severe anxiety, and I was doing everything I could to keep myself busy. The thing is, even though I was achieving so much, I had years of family and financial trauma that kept me feeling I was inadequate and broken. I was caught up in what I thought society wanted me to be. Sure I was reaching my goals and surrounded by people but was I setting the right goals? Was I just using a busy social schedule as a way to avoid being alone? What did it even mean to be “achieving” if I was just mindlessly going through the actions - feeling unfulfilled and lacking purpose?


Avoiding these deeper questions and leaving my trauma unpacked all came to a crash in 2020. I was having a hard time dealing with my grandpa passing in 2019 (which led to even more family trauma) and even with all my responsibilities – I was still seeking ways to keep myself busy. I was drinking heavily while also being addicted to a mobile game --  spending thousands of dollars and most of my time playing it. In short, I was seeking an avenue to avoid facing myself and my insecurities and issues. Shortly after the pandemic hit, my ex ended our 9 year relationship. At the same time, my boss told me I wasn’t performing up to par, I was apathetic towards school, and I had neglected many of my relationships. It was at this moment, during the peak of shutdown isolation and my personal rock bottom that I realized I needed to make a change. I could no longer keep myself distracted and I had to face my issues. 

With the encouragement of some very good people in my life I decided to set new goals – goals that would force me to reflect, introspect, and be mindful. I quit the mobile game, picked up meditation and journaling and started moderating my drinking. I learned to live more intentionally by picking up and focusing on various hobbies. I further developed these hobbies by spending time with good people who were happy to connect and share their passion. With everything still shut down I found myself traveling outdoors, discovering and embracing the way nature heals. I spent time introspecting, vulnerably reached out to good people in my life for support. I unpacked and addressed my issues, and finally at long last learned to appreciate and love myself for all that I’ve been through and who I’ve become. It was in this journey of learning to love myself and support myself that I began to recognize my resilient high achieving organized nature, my natural gift to love and support deeply, and my ability to be kind and connect and empathize with others. 



In February 2021, a life changing solo trip to Taiwan tested and deepened all that I learned. It was my first time in a full on social setting where I was living with this new mindset and goal of living positively, mindfully, and gratefully. It was in Taiwan where I realized the trove of experience and knowledge I’ve gained from my hardships and my gift of connecting with others. I truly embraced my ability to energize and motivate others. Since then it has been my life purpose to use my natural energy and encouraging spirit to help others reach their goals and live a fulfilled and joyful life.  Connecting and empowering others is my passion and feeds my soul and these last few years I've realized that I am a useful source to those seeking inspiration, guidance, or advice.

In 2022 I officially launched my coaching business and received my ICF certification. I am focused on coaching in 5 major services that I am highly experienced in: Higher Education, Career, Travel, Finance, and Activity. As an expert in these subject matters, My goal is to help others find fulfillment in these achievements. Regardless of the service my aim is the same - to use the skills and knowledge I've developed over time, throughout my travels and experiences, to empower and energize you for a more joyful and fulfilled life so that you can achieve your goals and develop to your personal best. By all means, my life isn't perfect, I still struggle with my anxiety, setbacks, and family trauma, but I recognize and embrace that I'm a work in progress and by leaning on my learnings, practices, and values, I live a fulfilled life that allows me to stay focused in setting and achieving the right goals. As your coach, I will use my extensive experience and natural energetic spirit, organization, and reliability to help you achieve your tangible goals.



  • ICF Coaching Certification (July 2022)

  • UCLA Anderson MBA ('21)

  • UC Berkeley B.A. Media Studies & Political Economy ('13)

  • Previous Fortune 500 Entertainment/Media Professional & Consultant (NBCUniversal, Scopely, Cognizant, WarnerMedia, Charter, Verizon)

  • UCLA MBA Final Thesis Fellow (2021 - 2022)

  • Former Vice President of Finance for Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority (2016 - 2019)

  • 8+ years of Private Tutoring

  • 6+ years of mentoring

  • Seasoned World Traveler

    • 51/63 USA National Parks​

    • 49/50 USA States

    • 31 International Countries

For further information on my specific experience please refer to the Services Drop Down

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