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Singapore - Fitlife

Had the wonderful opportunity to return to the city/country that first started my wanderlust, Singapore! I managed to find reasonable lodging at Aljunied and more importantly an Anytime Fitness!

Anytime Fitness Geylang

+65 8809 7170

Easy to find from the road, at first I was a bit worried by the lack of equipment but then found the stairs and realized there's 3 levels! Level 1 has your cardio and some basic weight machines and floor 2 has the free weights and squat bar. 3rd floor was a small space for classes and stretching and what not.

Seeing how this is Singapore the facility is of course clean. Although a little small I didn't feel cramped and I did find all my favorite equioment. Was a bit stuffy but again this is Singapore - even with AC that's expected because of how generally humid everywhere is.

Overall, this was a great standard anytime fitness. Small but functional and clean with all the equipment I needed and not too busy

4/5 (one star taken away because it still is a rather small gym and a bit stuffy!)

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