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second sky.

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Porter porter porter.

I could write a book about how much this album meant to me but I’ll try my best to keep it short.

Porter’s album nurture came out when I was in TW. However, even before the album came out – the singles he had released meant so much to me. What I love about this album by Porter is you hear the genuinity of it. They are truly moments of his life and it’s crazy how musically, even without the lyrics, his music can capture and covey his emotions. Nurture showed a person trying to just be themselves. Fully vulnerable but at the same time just trying – trying to be better.

I think we give a lot of shit for those who try. We live in a society that feels like we have to push down people just trying to be better versions of themselves. In my opinion it’s why people end up not trying or trying for the right things. But when people are actually trying to be better, we really should reward that shit cause it’s one of the most precious things. That’s what porter’s album felt to me. His songs felt so raw and became something comforting (you see what I did there xD) whenever I felt lost or needed encouragement to find my way. There were a lot of moments like these when I was in Taiwan and so Nurture was pretty much one of my soundtracks. Even the non-singles..I still remember when I was at the gym and Wind Tempo came on and instead of hearing “So Holy” I heard “Oli” cause all I could think of was how Oli would be comforting me. I bought Porter Robinson Second Sky tickets with no hesitation doing what I usually do and getting two tickets in case they sold out. I didn’t know what else would be happening when I was back in the states but I’d fersure be at porter, even if I was going alone.

I think one of the most amazing things is that I didn’t even up going alone. Did I think I’d be going to porter robinson’s Second Sky, with more than one friend, an especially good friend, that I’d meet in Taiwan?! Hell no! but that’s exactly what happened. One of my favorite guys I met, MJW – oh man that guy. What a character. you know those people who just see you, understand you, and encourage you to be you. That’s MJW. I never saw that one coming but I’m so grateful that over my time in TW we both made efforts, I got to know him more, and he’s now one of my dearest friends. the suckiest part of Second Sky was that we didn’t end up standing for Porter. But even just the fact that we agreed to and made plans from TW to go together, and then have another bud from TW (Ninad) + my high school friend that I had reconnected with during Covid (Amandla) join us meant so much. Despite coming from different parts of my life all 3 of them had been such supportive people in the change I’ve made the last year. To have those moments meant a lot.

Porter killed it. Seeing him play an album that had supported me so much during TW and thrive while he did it made me a happy fan. It was honestly such a well put together show+experience. Besides spending time with MJW, Ninad, and Amandla I also got to connect with some cool people. Even though this trip to Bay Area was mostly just for Second Sky/a festival, I felt like it was part of my travel adventures and yet another key experience. It didn’t just feel like going to a rave because tbh I’m actually over that – I have to save money for traveling vs. going to every show. It felt like yet another moment I got to connect in so many ways. I know I’m going to sound repetitive and annoy the shit out of y’all at some point but truly for me, it’s all about that connection. It’s why I love traveling.

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