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Vietnam 🇻🇳 fitlife

Explored the north area and I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality of Vietnam gyms!


Great location right around old quarter and great hours (open at 6am!) and for the price pretty good. 50k dong (2$ usd at time of writing). It’s not a super fancy gym but it gets the job done and definitely a step up a “garage gym”. Only complaint is the lack of AC but I’m starting to realize that’s probably not going to happen in SE Asia at that price point 🙃 4/5

Cat Ba

A little bit of a walk from the Main Street area but not that bad, I reeally liked this gym especially the motivating slogans! Indeed a bit “mini” but it had everything one could want. And at 50k dong (2$ usd at time of writing), I felt it was worth it. Again, no AC. 4/5


About the same quality of X-men gym in Hanoi! It was overall very clean (had to take off shoes) and had a good amount of equipment. Great hours, and again no AC. Price is the same as the other. 50k dong (2$ usd at time of writing). Really appreciate that when I went on day 1, the lady still let me do a workout even though I was short 10k (went back and paid it the next day). 4/5

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