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Congrats to 2023 MBA/Masters Intake & let's go 2024!

The start of the 2024 application season is here and with that in mind I wanted to highlight and celebrate my clients who successfully reached their MBA goals in 2023. This was my second year doing my business and I took on at least double the clients from last year. I’m so grateful for these bright driven individuals who took the chance on me for us to work together on their story. I’m so proud of you all for your hard work and can’t wait to see the amazing things you all will accomplish. With that being said, here’s this year’s success stories!

Kyle Yen, accepted to UCLA Anderson and Michigan Ross with scholarship ($120K, $80K), committed to Ross ‘26

Emily Huang, accpted to UCLA Anderson and Michigan Ross with scholarship ($120K, $80K), committed to Ross ‘26

Hank Lo, accepted to UCLA Anderson and NYU Stern, committed to Anderson ‘26

William Chiu, accepted to ASU WP Carey, MSU Broad, Kelley, full ride scholarship +$25K graduate assistantship offered for ASU, $90K from Broad, and $60K from Kelley, committed to ASU ‘26

Ruby Yeh, accepted to INSEAD ‘25

Ariel Hsiao, accepted to Tepper and UT Austin McCombs with scholarship ($60K, $20K), committed to Tepper ‘26

James Chu, accepted to USC Marshall iBear, Duke Engineering Management Masters, UPenn Engineering Management Masters, Columbia Engineering Management Masters, committed to Columbia Engineering Management

Mohini Gupta, accepted to HEC Paris with 16K scholarship, committed to HEC Paris ‘26

Freda Chiu, accepted to Simon Fraser University Vancouver MBA with $15k scholarship

One other client who wishes to be anonymous was also accepted to UC Berkeley Haas but chose to decline to take a job offer instead. I also have four other clients who are currently on the waitlist for USC Marshall, Tepper, and UCLA Anderson, and Georgetown. In total I took on 14 clients and I’m happy to say that I was able to get everyone at least an interview and waitlisted, which I would say is a win. Although nerve wracking, getting waitlisted is overall a good sign indicating that the program does indeed think that the applicant is a good fit for the school but for one reason or another cannot offer a spot at the moment (sometimes it’s because of their own personal class intake goals, a surprising amount of acceptances, someone edged out just a bit, etc.). While disappointing to not get a full admittance I still think this is a positive sign and I’m actively working with them on their waitlist strategy to try and get accepted. And if it doesn’t happen this year, their chances are a lot higher for next year given that they make efforts to improve their application (GMAT/GRE score improvement is the “easiest” way). Nevertheless, I’m overall very proud of the hard work my clients put in and what we were able to accomplish. Collectively we were able to get scholarship amount of +$250K USD and even a full ride. Many of these schools are ranked in the top 25 of USA MBA programs or top 5 in the world. More importantly, I was able to help my clients communicate and embrace their story while helping them reach their MBA goals. 

Thank you again to my clients for their hard work and putting their trust in me. Having the opportunity to help such amazing individuals expand beyond where they are, reach their potential, and achieve their goals is truly rewarding and it’s why I do what I do. I’m looking forward to working with more ambitious and driven leaders and reaching their goals, so let’s go 2024 intake! For those interested in working with me as their Admission Coach/Consultant, I invite you to schedule a commitment free 30 minute consultation call with me here. It's 100% free and even if we don't work together, I provide a deep evaluation and advice on your application journey. Nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Let’s help you discover your story and get y’all into some top MBA programs (with scholarship!) 加油!

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