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Chile 🇨🇱 Fitlife

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Traveling across Chile, hitting up Santiago, Valparaiso, La Serena, San Pedro de Atcama, and ofc, Patagonia. Likely will be using resistance bands for some of the destinations (like Patagonia) but will do my best to find a proper gym when I can!


I ended up finding 2-3 gyms in downtown/centro area that do day passes, but unfortunately the cost was too much for me at 10,000CLP (which at the time of writing is $12USD) thus I resorted to resistance bands at the local park. No reviews but here's the 3 that offer days passes.

Pacific Gym

+56 2 2520 8000

Pacific Fitness

+56 2 2520 8000

Sportlife Purísima

+56 2 2964 6980


Lots of gyms near where I was staying, but due to it being Easter Sunday, my choices were limited. However did manage to find a gym that was open AND does day passes for 7400CLP (9$USD at the time of writing). Still not very economical, but seeing how I haven't been to the gym in a while, I afforded myself this "luxury"

Sportlife Valparaíso

+56 32 218 2454

My first Chile gym experience and overall, it did not disappoint. First off y'all know I'm a sucker for gyms with a good view and this one had an amazing view of the port! Already worth it! It was quite busy overall but still felt spacious enough.. A good amount of equipment except when it came to squat bars. Only one squat bar and a smith machine. But besides that, I found it well equipped. Could be cleaner but seeing how it's LATAM I think it was actually not bad. Overall 3.5/5 (took off half a star because the price is just kinda high, all things considered)

La Serena

One night in La Serena before going off to Pisco Elqui and managed to find a gym with a day pass...and it was the cheapest option thus far at 4K CLP ($5 USD at the time of writing). Def not the cheapest ever but doable ! Also bonus points that they were very responsive on WhatsApp so I was able to ask them about their day pass prices before going there!

pesastore ltda

+56 9 7154 9280

Overall gym wasn't bad for the price. A little small and crowded but it managed to have a few benches and 2 squat bars. Not a lot of other equipment overall but enough - especially cardio and the main things you'd look for. For me, it hit the spot and seeing how it was more affordable than gyms in Chile, opened decently early (7am), and a chill 1.2mi/2.7km run away, I really appreciated it for the two days I was there! Worked for a tight spot and much needed gym experience! 3.5/5

San Pedro de Atacama

Spent most of my days catching tours so mostly did quick resistance band workouts to keep up, BUT on my last day, I did manage to squeeze in a session!

Gimnasio y Piscina Municipal

I think this is the only gym in atacama but it’s solid! Very close to the main part of town, it was an easy run from my hostel. A day pass was 3000 CLP cash (~4$ usd at the time of writing) which is the best day pass price so far in Chile! Gym itself did not disappoint - decently equipped and maintained with: two squat bars, benches + free weights, and a fair amount of cardio & other strength equipment. for me, it had all the equipment I needed and wasn’t too crowded or stuffy. My only quip is that the gyms hours are rather limited; it’s closed on Sunday (when I initially wanted to go) and opens at 830 (a little late for me). However besides that I found this to be a great gym, especially for the location and price! Thanks for the gym fix atacama! 4/5

Puerto Varas

didn't end up going to this gym because it was too expensive for a day pass but sharing for those still interested. 10k clp (12$ usd at the time of writing) for a day pass

Gimnasio Pacific Sucursal PUERTO VARAS

+56 2 2520 8000

Puerto Natales

Had a free day before hitting up Torres del Paine and decided to give the local gym a shot

ExtraFit Padel & Gym

+56 9 6307 8479

Seeing how I hadn't been to the gym in 5 days I was so happy to find one...except it was a bit on the pricier end at 7k pesos ($10 usd at time of writing). The gym itself was just ok. A little small, definitely weird layout, and lack of equipment...but it had a squat bar at least. Also some free weights and some machines. But all in all I'd say it was a bit of a disappointment considering the cost. Sure it was shiny and new but i

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