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MBA application experience - Sunny’s Experience/Testimonial

我的客戶Sunny Yen Ting Hsu 最近寫了一個blog post關於他申請MBA 和跟我合作的經驗。為Sunny很開心因為她申請的MBA program都成功錄取! 也收到獎學金!很感謝我剛剛開始我的生意,Sunny就相信我,選我當他的MBA Admissions Coach!謝謝Sunny! 也恭喜您!繼續加油!💪🏽🥳

Sunny's Blog Post

Congratulations on your MBA admissions Sunny! Thank you for your blog post highlighting your experience applying for MBA and working with me. Very grateful you put your trust in me as one of my first clients and your continued support! Excited to see the amazing things you will accomplish in the business world!

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