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Philippines 🇵🇭 fitlife

Went to Cebu and siargao (yes very touristy places…)

Moalboal, Cebu

Went to two gyms (one was closer to the central area but the cost was higher)

Option 1:

A very local bodybuilding gym so don’t expect 5 star quality, it’s like a garage gym, but it has decent free weights and a squat bar. It’s quite hot after each workout since there’s just fans, and weather in Philippines is hot. Most memorably, the lady who runs it “Ma”, treats you like family and everyone at the gym acts like family. For that alone, I enjoyed the experience. Price was good at 50 pesos (1$ usd roughly at time of writing) . Since I’m used to the garage style gym, the only drawback for me was the distance. Had to motorbike 10 min to get there 3.5/5

Option 2:

The best thing about this gym was the location, it’s right at the central area. At 200 pesos (4$ usd at time of writing), I felt it was a bit pricey, they had some “cages”, free weights, and barbells but otherwise very limited equipment. Nicer atmosphere than a typical “garage gym” though. Still very hot 🥵 3.5/5


ok so siargao is definitely pricier and more catered to western tourists. While there were many options for gyms, I went with this one due to price (it was lower than the others at 250 pesos - 5$ usd at time of writing). It’s again an outdoor gym so expect to sweat, BUT the environment is pretty cool. It feels like a jungle gym, and yet has really modern/nice equipment. Worth it overall. 4.5/5 (would have loved ac, but that’s probably too much to ask 😅)

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