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Peru ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ช Fitlife


Managed to find a gym that was close to Huacachina (and not all the way in Ica)

At 8 soles (roughly 2$ usd at time of writing) I'm glad I was able to find a gym within reasonable distance from huacachina and opened early. Equipment and space was fine. They had all that I needed. 4/5


Loved this gym, at just 7soles, it felt spacious, equipment was great, and decently clean. Even though another gym was closer to me, the cheaper price and space drew me in. Also hours were great! 5/5

Best thing about this gym is that it was super close to where i was staying. A bit pricier at 10 soles, the thing I disliked about this gym the most is that the space was pretty small and not a lot of equipment. Still got the job done. 3.5/5


super easy to get to and at 10 soles not bad for one day at Puno. Equipment was fine, space felt a bit cramped, but got the job done. Also they take card and open early (for late birds not that great as they close around 9pm) 3.5/5

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