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Morocco 🇲🇦 Fitlife

Updated: Jan 24

Finally made it to Africa!


So there's only one gym in the Medina itself

Not the worse gym I've been to but also not the best. Some equipment definitely needs some TLC, smelled a bit due to clientele, and I imagine during summer it's hot and uncomfortable. However it got the job done. Day pass was a bit pricey at 50DHMR (5$ usd at time of writing), but weekly pass was well worth it 100 DHMR ($10 at time of writing). Cash only. Opening hours are accurate and seems like even a bit early.

3.5/5, gets the job done!


the only gym in town!

For the only gym in town, not too bad. Feels like your standard "garage" gym, bit crowded and old equipment. Good price at 20 DHRM ($2 usd at time of writing). Least favorite part? Hours. Only open from 10-22 🥲

3.5/5, gets the job done


kudos for being the only gym that's open before 9!

So far in Morocco this is probably the nicest gym with the best hours. A lot of equipment except for my favorite squat bar 🥲. But the fact they were open and I actually saw another women made me happy. Day pass Price was a bit steep at 50DHRM ($5) but beggars can't be chooser am I rite?

4/5, good hours and most "legit" gym, besides the lack of squat bar 🥲


The closest gym to the Medina and conveniently close to the train station

Large and well equipped gym overall. Was happy with this gym except for the old guy creeping a bit while I did my squats, but that's Morocco. It's now always common for a women working out with men :/. 20 MAD (2$ usd at the time of writing) for a day pass - worth it!

4/5, 1 star down for the stares


Great find in Chefchaouen, 20 MAD (2$ usd at the time of writing) for a day pass and it got the job done. A little cramped on the equipment side but they had a whole space for stretches and class. Overall thought this gym hit the spot , especially for a small town.



Ugh, my most heartbreaking gym experience...

So as a Muslim country, it's not uncommon for men and women to have separate gym areas/hours. This one was the former...which in some ways is nice because people aren't like staring but then also if you're going to do that make it equitable. The day pass was quite expensive in my opinion 75 MAD (7.50$ had at time of writing). I mean granted it did include jacuzzi and sauna access...but then the equipment was also kind of lacking. Mostly cardio and lower weight plates. Definitely felt the segregation :/



Alright so this gym felt most like your typical gym, large space, lots of equipment, and no stares/second guesses about a women working out. Gym pass was a bit steep at 50 MAD (5$ usd at time of writing) and i was a little annoyed the guy arrived later than listed hours, but overall solid workout


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