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Updated: Jan 20, 2023


Trip in 12/2022

Despite it being 0 degrees Celsius apparently winter is only *almost* here in Montreal. Although cold for my native California self, I do have to admit that it could be worse. While I probably advise against doing a long run given the temperature, local Canadians might disagree with me and say that it's still running season. With that being said I can agree that at least it's "warm" enough to to function. With my puffy jacket on at least I could still go outside and do a quick run to the gym. So on that note, what are some short term gym/fitness options in Montreal?

Recommendation for downtown Montréal: Concordia University

This time I opted to stay at downtown Montreal at the Hostel Auberge Saintlo Montreal. Although there are several gyms around the best deal short term I could find was at Concordia University. Just a 5 min run from the hostel, I found it easy and convenient to get to even with the cold. A week pass only costs around $40 CAD (discounted if you're an alumni or student at the school or a senior), while not the most quality, definitely makes up in quantity. The gym itself is downstairs when you enter the building and after a quick registration and payment at the front desk you're given a typical keychain gym pass. Upstairs there's the typical lockers and what not but walking down another set of stairs you have the main gym area. There's plentiful of squat bars, an assortment of free weights at different weight levels, and tons of weight machines and treadmills. In the week I was there, I never had to wait for any of the squat bars, found the weight levels I needed, and no issues with the machines. Bonus points, there's an attendant/employee stationed who was nice enough to offer to hold my jacket at the booth so I didn't have to carry it around.

Although not the fanciest I honestly really liked this gym and at it's price, it was solid. Expect to see a healthy amount of polite Concordia students also working out at the gym although it never felt too crowded to me!

My one quip as an early gym person is that hours could be a bit better. Not a problem during weekdays (6:30am-10pm), but weekends they are only open (8am-8pm), just a tad later than when I usually do my workouts!


Montreal also has a few "anytime fitness" so depending on location, weather, and if you have an active & fit account - that's also a great choice! I ended up using it last time I was at Montreal when I stayed closer to plateau and the weather was better which allowed for a longer run

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