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Hong Kong - Fitlife

Kowloon - 12/2022

Had a long layover in Hong Kong and ofc I decided to hit up the gym. Seeing how Anytime Fitness has been so clutch in India I decided to check if I'd have the same luck in Hong Kong and lo and behold - there were several Anytime Fitness branches to choose from. I ended up choosing the one in Mongkok:

Anytime Fitness Mongkok

A short walk from the Mongkok MTR, the place itself was a little confusing to find, as the anytime fitness sign didn't match where the door was but after a little poking and asking around, I was able to find my way up. First thing I want to mention about this Anytime Fitness branch - it is CLEAN. Wow! maybe it's on the newer side but wow everything was so clean and felt new. At 8am on a Thursday, there was also not a lot of people. In fact it felt a little too empty (not actually complaining)?

In regard to equipment, I felt like it was sufficient. The space itself wasn't very large but there were at least several squat bars, dumbbells with a few benches, and some strength and cardio machines. Personally, I liked how the dumbbells was situated right next to the squat bar - made it easy for my set. The selection of the strength machines was rather limited but got the job done.

This time I actually used the showers and I have to once again stress: clean. It was a nice reprieve after my flight from Delhi.

Overall, a solid Anytime Fitness. As with most Anytime Fitness, the selection and variety are just a little limited. However, the cleanliness and the fact that it had 90% of what I needed gives it an extra boost.

Final rating: 4/5

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