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Ecuador 🇪🇨 Fitlife

Updated: Sep 9, 2023


Ended up going to two different gyms while here since the first one wasn't open on Sunday

2.50$ cash , and super close to the secret garden Quito if that's where you're staying. Good hours during the weekday, but kind of shit hours during the weekend. But otherwise really liked this gym! Well equipped and spaced out well! 4/5

3$ cash, located in centro, this gym was weird overall but had all the equipment you need. The best part is that they are open on Sunday, although no one was there except me. Anyways, kind of a weird gym, but got the job done. 3/5


Great new gym in Baños. All the equipment was rather new and in great condition so for $3 for a day pass it was a great deal. Loved the weekday hours but weekend hours were rather limited, thus 4/5

Wasn't the best gym of Baños but appreciated their Saturday hours. Overall gym got the job done but nothing fancy. Spacious enough though! And for $2, not bad. 3.5/5


Lots of gym in Cuenca but I went with this one due to its close proximity

Really nice gym overall! They even give you a towel for your workout. Clean and feels rather new. Only thing is the price reflects that. 4$ for a day pass or 9$ for a 3 day pass. Opt for the 3 day pass fersure to make it more economical!

4/5 - had all my equipment, clean, and just nice

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