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Colombia ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ด Fitlife

Updated: Aug 20

Ok so overall Colombia also has smartfit which I'd recommend. Usually comes out to 25k COP (6$ at time of writing), for a day pass, which is kind of pricey, but it's easy and accessible. With that being said, due to lack of availability I did try out a few other gyms...


stayed in the neighborhood of Envigado and since I was so far up on a hill, didn't want to run all the way to the closest smartfit. Luckily this was an option

The gym itself lacked a lot of equipment so thank god it was a lower price of 10k COP ($2.50 usd at time of writing) per day. Space was actually quite large as it was mostly used for fitness classes. Again, lacking lots of equipment including no squat bars. Free weights were also a bit limited. But staff was easy going , space itself was clean and spacious. Again, did the trick for 10k COP and being far from the city center.



For the only gym in Salento, not that bad! 10k COP ($2.50 usd at time of writing) cash with all the equipment you'd want. Plus overall it felt like they were all in good condition and clean. Although the space isn't super large, especially when there's a class in session, still managed to have enough space to do all my workouts. My only major complaint is their hours are a bit weird. Appreciate that they open early, but they also close midday at 10am before opening again at 3pm. A little inconvenient for those who want to get a session midday. For that reason, 4/5


Although there were other gyms closer to me, the price of a day pass + other amenities drew me here

Loved this gym, and I think it's my favorite gym in all of Colombia, especially for the price (10k COP, cash). Seems like it's quite new, all the equipment was pristine and the entire gym was clean. It was missing 1-2 equipment I usually like but otherwise it was stellar.ย  I felt like the space was overall decent and I always love a gym with a good view (which it had). Best of all, this gym is open on Sunday, which is such a rarity in LATAM. Because of that 4/5

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