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Brazil 🇧🇷 Fitlife

Updated: Feb 22

travels in Brazil thus far: São Paulo, São Luis, Brasilia, Bahia, Rio De Janeiro, and Florianópolis

Overall smartfit tends to be the easiest choice, hovering around 40 Reals (8$ USD at time of writing) for a day pass. Very easy to do on the computer at the lobby and can pay with credit card. But if not available or looking for a better option see below...


This was fairly easy. smartfit is the main chain with locations across the country. Just search on google maps and the closest one should appear. The one I went to was a 5 min run from my hostel. 25 Reals ($5 USD at the time of writing) for a day pass. There's a self service machine with English option and staff will help out, even if there's a language barrier - no brainer overall.

4.5/5 - easy, accessible, what you expect from any name brand chain gym. .5 lower because 5$ a day can still add up fast. Would recommend getting a month pass if possible, but need to use a CPF from a local

São Luis

Mainly came for Lençois Maranhenses but ended up squeezing in like 3 gym sessions at 2 different gyms 🙃. Sao Luis is hot and humid so expect all gym sessions to be extra sweaty 🥵

Gorilla Fit

Pretty simple "garage" gym feel. Had all that I needed though and most importantly, day pass price was clutch: 10 R$ ($2 USD at the time of writing). Cash only. As mentioned above, hot and humid!

4/5 - mainly because bang for buck here is just too good

CF4 Academia

Slightly more expensive at 20 R$ ($4 USD at time of writing), but the difference in quality is noticeable. More and newer equipment, bigger space (2 floors), and they even have an AC for the especially hot times (apparently wasn't hot enough when I was there 😒). Anyways definitely had a more comfortable/"premium" experience here.

4/5 - price is still pretty good and worth it if you wanna treat yourself. But ofc still not fully "premium"


For Brasilia I went to the SmartFit closest to my hostel:

Really great smart fit overall, and one of the days, they were kind enough to let me go in for free! So 5/5!

Alto Paraíso de Goiás (main city for Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park)

Actually surprised I managed to find such a great gym here considering how small the city is

Well equipped, machines in good condition, and well ventilated. The day pass was the steepest at 30R$ (6$usd at time of writing), but the week pass made up for it at 50R$ (10$usd at time of writing). Hours were good except not open on weekends. Only one squat bar but was not really an issue for me. Besides that, no complaints.

Stellar gym for a city that serves as a gateway for a national park! 4/5

Lençois, Bahia

A very cute town that serves as the gateway for Chapada Diamantina!

Tibas Team

Ok so first of all the location on google maps is wrong, you have to ask locals for directions. Upon finding it you will realize this gym is TINY! Definitely a local favorite it was 35R$ (cash) for a week pass (7$ USD at the time of writing). Good thing the price is low because the gym itself is so small and limited equipment. Definitely a garage gym feel but like smaller! However by the end of the week I really started to appreciate how they efficiently used the space and it's clear that this is a community stronghold. Overall had some alright workouts. And really appreciate they open at 6am on weekdays so I could sneak in a session before hiking!

The price really made it an acceptable expenditure: 3/5

Salvador, Bahia


Alright this gym is probably my favorite independent one so far. It has a good amount of quality equipment , great AC, and their entire system is clearly more developed. They actually asked for my ID and could pay with card! Also love that they are open on sunday which is so rare in Brazil! Only drawback, the day pass price, at 30R$ (6$ USD at the time of writing). A little steep tbh but since I was only in Salvador for a few days it was a "luxury" I was okay with.

Recommend, especially short short term: 4.5/5

Paraty, Rio De Janeiro

stopped by for a short 2 day trip to see the only fjord of Brazil - yes a tropical fjord

25R$ for a gym pass so not exactly cheap especially for the quality, but at least it got the job done. Had almost all of the equipment I'd want, even if it had a "garage" gym feel.

Overall 3.5/5

Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro

Mostly went to smartfit but for one week while staying in Leme I found this gem

Day pass was a bit expensive at 60 Reals (12$ usd at time of writing) a day, but the week pass was great, 160 Reals ($32 usd at time of writing) for a week pass AND they were open during all the days of Carnaval! Gym itself was great. A little small but had decent equioment and didn't feel cramped. Also AC! All in all recommend! 4/5

Florianópolis (Lagoa Área)

a simple and affordable local gym

At 20 Reals (4$ usd at time of writing) per day can't complain. Had sufficient equipment, not a lot of people, and felt spacious. A little stuffy but otherwise got the job done! 3.5/5

Porto Alegre

A big city, so many options but I went with this one due to costs and proximity

Another "garage gym". Older equipment but it all works and plentiful. Kind of cramped and airflow could be improved but the price is good at 20R (4$ usd at time of writing). You need to bring a towel but the owner was nice enough to let me use an old one lying around 3.5/5


Thought this gym was great for its price point 20R for a day pass (4$ usd at time of writing). There's a lot of gyms in Gramado and just down the street there's one that's nicer but this one felt good enough, especially with the price point. equipment was solid, didn't feel too crowded or cramped. 4/5 (they lacked a few equipment I'm used to...)

Cambara do Sul

Really liked this gym! Think they had to move their facilities to a back shed space due to construction but I actually liked this. Felt more spacious. Had a good amount of equipment and in good quality. Only thing is price was a bit higher than expected for a small town at 25R (5$ usd at time of writing) but not ba

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