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Bolivia 🇧🇴 Fitlife

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

La Paz

Lots of gyms nearby where I was staying (centro), but one gym in particular stood out. Unfortunately they are not on google maps, but here's the info:

I really loved this gym cause they were one of the few open on Sunday! Additionally they were cheaper than the surrounding ones, 15 BOB (2$ usd at the time of writing) for a day pass or 25 BOB for a 2 day pass. That's half the price of the surrounding gym. Obviously they are pretty new so the gym is overall pretty clean. They could use more equipment but for me it had everything that I needed. For that 4/5

Santa Cruz

Although there were better gym options available (megatron), I ended up going here due to affordability. Megatron was charging 50 BOB for a day pass and 100 for a week (latter is actually ok if you go everyday for the week

So this gym, well, it's one of those garage gyms. Definitely nothing fancy but for the price of 15 BOB (~2$ usd at time of writing), and given that it was open at 630, it was quite worth it. Again garage gym nothing fancy. Thank god it wasn't hit that day, I think this place would get stuffy. 3/5


So turns out this small town does have a gym - yay!

As the only gym in samaipata this does the job pretty well. Well equipped, quite new, modern, and clean, my only quip is that the day pass was kind of expensive at 30 BOB (4$ usd at time of writing). When I raised my eyebrows over that price and explained I only wanted to lift the owner was nice enough to lower it to 20 BOB (a little under 3$ at time of writing). Great views from top floor. Only Quip is price so for that 4/5


While plenty of gyms around, the one closest to me was 50 BOB a day (7$ usd) so found this gym instead

At 25 BOB (4$ usd) it wasn't the cheapest, but still cheaper than the surrounding places. Nice gym overall with a great view. Only had one squat bar but otherwise well equipped. Clean and they even give you a key for a locker. Best part, you can pay with credit card! 4/5


Ah another garage gym. There's definitely better gyms around but the hours were a bit late for me. Even this one, the owner got there past their advertised hours, but worked out for me cause he arrived just when I did. Again, nothing too fancy, limited equipment, not even a squat bar, but the old smith machine did the trick. Best part was price. The owner only charged me 5 BOB for a 45 min workout (thinking you dtdyef there longer he'd charge more) 3/5


So turns out there's two gyms in uyuni. Ended up at the one closer to city center due to hours

For 15 BOB, this was quite a great deal. Not a lot of cardio equipment but had all the strength equipment I wanted. Small but felt spacious enough. Glad I found this gym in uyuni! 4/5


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