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Australia - Fitlife

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

6 weeks in Australia and after a quick check online and they do have Anytime Fitness - so, let's go!

Overall Review of Australia's Fitlife:

One of the most gym accessible countries I've been to, with so many anytime fitnesses around. With an active & fit account, which includes an anytime fitness membership, this made working out across Australia easy and "free". Each one was well equipped, clean and decently spacious and the best ones even had stunning rooftop views. It's no wonder everyone in Oz is fit - the gym life here is too convenient!

Individual Reviews

First stop: Perth, WA

I ended up staying at Northbridge and thus the closest Anytime was at the Murray Mall:

Anytime Fitness

+61 422 859 905

So, I feel like I can say I've been to a good number of anytime fitnesses at this point so when I say this one's my favorite - y'all know I'm not playing!

One of the cleanest branches I been to (even requiring everyone to use towels) but the thing that stood out to me the most was how much spacious it was for an anytime fitness! It even had enough space for 4 squat bars and benches! All other equipment I could want was also available. Finally the space itself was also just beautiful. Great glass window that let in that lovely Australian sunlight, and a clientele that was just chill and fit.

For an anytime fitness , I was blown away. Had some of my best workouts. For that reason giving this place a rare 5/5!

Second stop: Darwin, North Territory

Ended up staying near the other hostels in the main part of city. And so had a bit of a run to the closest anytime fitness

Anytime Fitness

+61 481 964 617

So far it seems like anytime fitnesses here in Australia are all pretty top notch. Like the one in Perth, this one also required towels , was decently large for an anytime fitness, and quite clean. Had no problems with finding any of the equipment I was looking for and the gym itself was spacious. However, compared to the Perth branch it was not as well lit and distance actually felt longer.

Because of that, giving this branch a 4/5. Just not as great as an experience as the Perth one, but still decent!

Third stop: Cairns, Queensland

Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, I took one day off sightseeing as a recovery day...which meant gym time!

Because I was staying close to the main city center/beach, anytime fitness was a bit far but luckily my hostel provided free gym passes to a gym that was closer (about 1mi/1.8km). Luckily no rain for my recovery day so it was a good run

Think Fitness

+61 7 4242 4604

So overall for a "free" gym I think it was not bad. Definitely not as nice as the anytime fitnesses, the equipment and space seemed more worn out. Had a lot of equipment/machines across two floors but only 1-2 squat bars. I went at 10am on a Saturday morning and it was busy but not overcrowded. For a free gym pass, not bad. BUT I did ask the front desk the usual price for a day pass ($15!) which honestly is just a bit steep for the quality. Also the gym is 24 hours but day pass you have to wait until 9 for the front desk.

Because of the older equipment and steep price, and considering my selection in Australia so far, giving this place 3.5/5

Fourth Stop: Brisbane, Queensland

This city gave me Seattle vibes, didn't love it didn't hate it. But the gym, well...

Anytime Fitness

+61 459 990 454

I feel as if the anytime fitnesses around the world need to step up their game because wow. This was my favorite anytime fitness and honestly, might be one of my favorite gyms ever! It was an easy run (.5mi/800 m) from the hostel area near Roma Street. The gym itself has a good amount of space yet still felt cozy. Had a good variety of equipment AND it had over six squat bars - which all had their own bench! Everything felt so clean and vibrant and the air temperature + circulation were on point. And since this was on the second floor, it had a GREAT view of the city. I'm honestly having a hard time finding an issue with this gym and so,

5/5 - hit all my buckets. Had all the equipment I wanted (myriad squat bars!), clean, convenient, and just a great vibe. One of my best workouts to date!

Fifth stop: Sydney, NSW

World pride and biggest city of Australia let's go! Ended up staying at a hostel at central for location and not only was the hostel advertising and selling daily gym passes for this gym, but it was also a quick 5 min walk away!

Anytime Fitness Haymarket

+61 423 741 895

another fantastic anytime fitness. Similar to the other ones it's clean, has plenty of equipment, and feels just the right amount of crowded. This one was in the basement but didn't give the basement feel! Even the escalator bringing you down to the basement made it feel kind of cool! Had many great workouts here.

4.5/5 because even though it didn't feel like it was in the basement, it ultimately was 🙃

Sixth stop: Hobart, Tasmania

Stayed at the lovely battery point where the gym was about a 15-20 min walk

Ok not going to lie, at this point it's almost a bit boring talking about the anytime fitnesses in Australia. Apparently they are all clean, well equipped, and just solid gyms. The only thing negative I'll say about this one is that it was also in the basement and it felt like it. However still not too cramped feeling compared to other branches I've been to!

Because it felt like and was in the basement..4/5

Seventh Stop: Adelaide, South Australia

Anytime Fitness Morphett Street

+61 8 8231 7386

Ok, redundant. This one was basically like the one in Tasmania. Shoutout to the anytime fitnesses in Australia for being equipped and convenient.

So, 4/5

Eighth Stop: Melbourne, Victoria

Anytime Fitness

+61 3 9629 3194

Woo final stop in Australia and did this Anytime Fitness disappoint? Of course not! This one was noticeably basement feeling, but it was also one of the more spacious ones which kinda makes up for it. Of course, well equipped as with all the Anytime Fitness. The only other thing I want to note is that this one felt particularly male clientele heavy. For at least 2/5 sessions I'm pretty sure I was the only female. Not saying it as a good or bad thing, just an observation. At least it never felt crowded! Anyways, another solid and accessible gym. Only .2mi/500m from Flinders Station!

4/5, one point cause it was in the basement 🙃

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