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Argentina 🇦🇷 Fitlife

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Crossed into Argentina following the Patagonia way. Much more affordable than Chile so far!

El Calafate

First stop in Argentina, continuing my Patagonia adventure...

Ouro Gym

+54 11 3843-3596

First gym experience in Argentina and it didn't disappoint. Very close to the bus station, it was an easy run from my hostel. And wait for it the price of a day pass was: 1000 Argentian pesos. If you're using the blue exchange that comes out to roughly $2.50 usd 🥲. This was probably the cheapest gym experience I had besides Laos and the quality was a lot better. Although a little small, the gym was well equipped with a good amount, quality, and variety of strength and cardio machines + free weights. Only one squat bar and smith machine but for the price I can't complain. Overall clean, well ventilated, and well maintained. For the price, the value was insane. 4.5/5, half point off cause it's still a small gym and only one squat bar...but that's probably my only complaint


No gyms in el chalten so this was my first gym workout in a week! After going to two different places that were 6000 & 5000 pesos, respectively, (roughly 13$ USD with the BLUE exchange which is ridiculous), I finally found a few places that were affordable and close enough. The one I went while at Ushuaia:

Akun Gym

+54 9 2901 63-1478

Haha this gym reminded me of the gyms at Laos, so overall quite simple/garage feeling, but hey it was affordable at 1300 pesos (roughly 3$ usd with BLUE exchange). Don't expect wonderful modern facilities. It has functional equipment you need for a good workout..and it's close. That's about it! Can't complain overall because of the price. 3/5 (think I'm being especially harsh because the gym at el calafate was only 1000 AND had nice equipment.

I didn't go to this gym having discovered it on my last day, but it's also decently affordable at 1500 pesos (3$). Based on the reviews it's more modern, but given the distance and also last minute find I didn't use. However still sharing for informational reasons!

Olimpo Fitness & Health Ushuaia

+54 11 3318-8195

Buenos Aires

Alright argentinas biggest city - obviously has to have options right...and indeed it did! Ended up checking out two places near my hostel

City Gym (1350 pesos)

+54 11 4343-8060

AIR GYM & FITNESS (1500 pesos)

+54 9 11 3247-3091

Going to write one review because overall they had very similar vibes. Similar to the gym in Ushuaia, it was a functioning garage feel gym (albeit, bigger space). Had all the equipment you could really want, even if all of them felt a bit outdated or that they need maintenance. My biggest complaint would be that both weren't open on Sundays. And even Saturday was a half day for both of them. Besides that, I wished the dumbbells were better labeled. But considering the price (1350/900 pesos, respectively) really can't complain there. And they were both really close to my hostel. So, with all that in mind, 3/5 functioning but nothing special.

H Fitness Center

Stayed at Villa Crespo area 11/2023 and managed to snag a great monthly deal since I was staying for 2 weeks. In cash it was only 8000 pesos (less than $10 USD at time of writing). Great neighborhood gym. Lots of equipment, squat bar, and staff and customers are all pleasant. A little warm on the hot days but otherwise quite spacious. Oh and clean! It's almost always being cleaned. Also cute cat that sometimes wanders as you workout. Only downside is that they open slightly late for me at 7:30 and they are not open on Sundays (but that's usual for Argentina). Anyways 4.5/5 for the price and neighborhood vibes!


Changing up the views a bit for one of the new seven wonders of the world. But before heading to the falls...ofc I'm squeezing in gym sessions 🙃


+54 9 3757 31-1074

In general, this town is pretty small, mainly there as a tourist town for the falls so everything is quite close and was an easy run from my hostel. Gym itself was a great deal. For a Day pass at 500 pesos (roughly $1.10 usd), this was the cheapest gym I've been to since Laos. And the gym itself wasn't bad at all! Ofc a garage kind of feel but at the same time it had a decent amount of equipment. For me, it had all the equipment I needed and since I went during May, wasn't too hot/well ventilated. I imagine during summer it gets unbearably hot, but since I'm here off season, not bad at all. Closed on Sundays as most gyms in Argentina are but otherwise opens at 8. With all that in mind: 4/5 - the quality for the price is just too good here!


My last stop in Argentina and it's such a nice city. Including the gym!

Gimnasio YX

+54 261 555-2066

Easy 1 block walk from my hostel, this was overall a great find. A little pricier relative to the other gyms at 1.8k pesos (4$ usd at time of writing), it did feel like it deserved the slightly higher price point as it had a more organized feel with equipment that was slightly more updated. I especially appreciated that all the dumbbells were labeled better. Overall a solid gym, nothing that made it especially special. I wish it had a Roman chair and things could be spaced out a bit better but otherwise solid! 4/5


Decent gym overall. 1000 (1$ usd 10/23) peso for day pass. Had all the equipment I was looking for. Not super fancy but rather spacious gym with several rooms. 4/5


Nice gym overall! I like that it was at least open on Saturday (gyms open on Sunday seem to be a unicorn here in Argentina). A little pricier than most gyms I been to so far at 1,600 pesos ($1.80 usd at time of writing 10/23), but still overall cheap compared to the world. had solid and plentiful equipment and felt spacious enough. Everyone was nice about sharing the space. 4/5


Idk why but I found this gym so cute. Maybe it's just the logo/theme. But anyways, another 1000 peso gym ($1 usd at the time of writing 10/23) . Pretty crowded but both the owner and client really maximize the space. They didn't have enough weight plates for the squat bar, but other than that no complaints. Again, an efficient "backyard" Style gym - and probably the only gym in the entire city so I'll take it 🙃 (3.5/5)

Bariloche Zona Funcional

2000 pesos for a day pass. Overall this gym is "fine". It's usually quite crowded and while there's a lot of space (3 floors) there's also a lot of equipment (both a good and bad thing). Found myself sharing space and equipment a lot. But still, for a gym close to my hostel not bad. 4/5

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