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South Korea 🇰🇷 fitlife

First time ever in Korea, 6/2024, and you know that between all the soju and food, we gotta keep up that fitlife!


Ok so let me first off start by saying that 1) seoul is huge, so this may not be helpful if you are staying in a different area. 2) gyms in Korea are pretty expensive. 15$ usd (20k ₩) was considered cheap for a day pass. So with that in mind, finding this FREE outdoor gym was a blessing. It’s not the easiest to get to (the closest metro station is a 10-15 walk away—and it’s uphill). But considering it’s free, well worth it. Had all the equipment I needed, like actual gym equipment, the setting was so beautiful, among trees. The humidity at times was a bit much but still so much better than some other SE Asian countries (looking at you Thailand). Also love that this was mostly a local hangout, with a lot of nice senior citizens. Other than the fact it was a bitch to get to, I loved it! (4.5/5) - the half star because it’s not easy to get to!


The historical city of Korea, the fengsui of this city was amazing, but I digress.

Now that we are outside of Seoul, prices are much lower (thank god). This gym day pass still felt kind of expensive compared to other parts of Asia, 10k ₩ so 7$ usd at time of writing, but that’s still half of the ones in Seoul, and I considered it worth it. Was an easy run from the hostel I stayed at, they accept credit card, and receptionist spoke basic English. Equipment was all great, sometimes a bit stuffy but with the fan it was very manageable. Overall 4/5, cost still seemed a bit high for what it was!

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