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Uplifting, motivating, and energizing you to achieve your tangible goals and live a fulfilled life
Online Coaching with Lauren Wong

Hi! I'm Lauren Wong
(any pronouns)

Certified Life Coach & Health Coach, MBA Graduate, Former Fortune 500, & World Traveler

In 2022, after a life-changing few years of reflection and self-work during the Pandemic, I learned to thrive instead of survive. I embraced my natural ability and passion for connecting deeply with people, along with my ability to set and achieve goals, and realized I wanted to help motivate others to live their best life as well. In short, I knew that I had to use my skills as a coach to empower others and live a fulfilled life.


As a coach, I can help you discover and embrace your story as we work together in setting and reaching your goals so that you can live your full authentic self and thrive. 


What I Specialize In

Higher Education and Admissions




My mission is to energize and empower you into manifesting your goals and living a fulfilled, balanced, and joyful life.

The Methodology

Personalized & Engaged One-on-One Service

The core of my coaching services is providing you a private and personalized service. Routine sessions are typically 30 min. to an hour, aimed at making you feel heard, energized, and equipped. Regular sessions and sessions on an as-needed basis are customized to your schedule and your needs.

Sustainable & Comprehensive Approach

Even though there are various service offerings, the approach to achieving the goal stays consistent and universal. I focus on empowering you and building your confidence by showing you how to set and achieve realistic goals, and developing healthy habits that can be utilized for all aspects of life.

Emphasis on Balance & Overall Wellness

What's the point of achieving a goal if you get there broken and other aspects of life neglected? My coaching approach focuses on overall wellness and balance. As a coach, I help you learn time management and living mindfully to establish a strong foundation in all key pillars of life as we work toward achieving your goals and living joyfully.

What Clients Are Saying

"From the start, Lauren impressed me with her swift replies and unwavering patience. No question, however small or detailed, went unanswered. This responsiveness was invaluable, especially during the stressful application process. But Lauren's true value lies in her ability to craft compelling stories. She wasn't just editing essays; she was helping me unearth the core of my narrative. ."

-Hank Lo - UCLA Anderson '26

What Is Coaching & How Does It Help?

Think of any athlete in sports (including GOATS) and you know how important a coach is to their development. Whether it's a team or individual sport - a coach is there to help you work on your weaknesses and develop your strengths so that you can reach your full potential and win. Just like a coach in sports, a coach can help by giving you professional advice and motivating you to reach your goals successfully in life. With a coach you are guided to feel empowered, set and achieve your goals efficiently, and perform your best


Coaching can be done entirely virtually via phone or video chat (Zoom/Google Hangouts/Facetime). Each session is tailored to you and scheduled based on your availability and needs. Sessions typically range between 30 min. to an hour. All information shared is confidential and any notes taken are kept in accordance with Data Protection.

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