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Organization & Personal Development

Get Organized & Reach your Goals

  • Evaluate Current Situation

  • Set & prioritize multiple realistic goals

  • Implement my organized Step by Step Approach that makes every goal achievable

  • Automate through proven Time Management & Scheduling habits & motivating coaching sessions

High Maintenance, Uptight, and High strung. Those are just a few of the names my friends used to call me. Why? Because of my high achiever, organized, and goal oriented methods. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely a dark side to those terms and before I was able to properly organize my methods, it was chaos. There was so much I wanted to do but because I couldn't properly focus, it was overwhelming and anxiety inducing. But over the years I've developed ways to make it approachable and organized not only for myself but for others. Whether it's organizing a trip abroad, learning a new hobby, meeting new people, dating, or a new endeavor - I'm able to be successful through proper organization. As an organization & personal development coach I'll help you reach a personal development goal and feel more free by helping you set & prioritize goals, develop healthy habits, and organize so that you can confidently reach your personal goal.

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Higher Education

Get that degree

  • Evaluate, understand, & establish higher education goal (including college/program matching & extracurricular advising)

  • Organize & schedule step by step approach of application (study plan for standardized tests & application)

  • Advice and guidance on applicant's story (reiterating & editing & preparing application essay, personal statement, & interview)

  • Build confidence for a successful transition through regular coaching sessions including financial aid guidance

Higher education and education in general was always a priority in my family. I didn't think twice about applying for the best universities in my state (California) and was proud when I was accepted into my top choices: UC Berkeley & UCLA. For my undergraduate I chose UC Berkeley and years later I chose UCLA for my MBA. Although I was able to achieve this, the path to pursuing higher education, especially a "top tier" one isn't easy. It took persistence, patience, and support. After undergrad I picked up a side job as a tutor where I mentored and coached students from middle school and beyond in reaching their academic goals. Beyond just tutoring students successfully in SAT, ACT, ISEE, and academics, I am a coach to my students, providing them encouragement, equipping them with resources, building their confidence, and helping them develop skills and habits beyond just academic success. As a higher education coach I'll be there to guide you during the entire higher education pursuit process (from application to financial aid and settling into your higher education program) - whether it's undergraduate or masters degree.


Get saving and spending smart

  • Understand and evaluate financial status

  • Set financial goals & a personal budget

  • Learn & implement financial habits & practices that allow you to manage debt & loans and budget for travel and leisure activities (enjoy your life!)

  • Automate and sustain through regular coaching sessions that keep you accountable

Confession: for the longest time I had severe money anxiety. I come from an immigrant family and growing up I always felt like I was the one with less means among my friends, but at the same time, I wanted to "keep up" so I was constantly budgeting and spending. In 2019-2020 I became addicted to a mobile game and despite all my financial anxiety, I ended up spending an atrocious amount of money (seriously, it was an addiction). Funnily enough, it was this egregious spending and the implications of this (read: overspending) that made me reevaluate my relationship with finance. The American finance system is confusing: we constantly live in debt and even though we have some of the highest salaries, we constantly feel like we cannot afford what we want. As your financial coach, I'll show you how to balance living in debt and still enjoying your life through active budgeting and mindful spending. I'll show you how to prioritize and allocate your money so that you can be financially stable and live comfortably well within your means.

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Get fulfilled with your job

  • Understand and evaluate career goals

  • Timeline approach and develop strategies to achieving goal (resume/cover letter review, interview coaching, networking advice, personal branding)

  • Develop skills and confidence on "managing up" & dealing with imposter syndrome

  • Stay encouraged and on track with energetic coaching sessions

Jobs - it's one of those things that most of us hate but need. Especially for recent grads, thinking of one's career is both daunting and exciting at the same time. Do you stay loyal to a company and try to get promoted? Do you choose the excitement of a start-up or the stability of a corporate job? What happens when you get bored or burned out? These were all questions I asked myself when I pursued my career in entertainment. I stayed arguably too long in my role and when I switched careers 6 years later I discovered that the pay and title didn't equate to feeling fulfilled. If anything I became more lost in my career. It was thanks to my MBA, and more importantly my network and mentors, that I was able to understand what it meant to choose a career. I learned the importance of having a career that was both a good fit and fulfilling. As your career coach, I'll provide you advice and guidance as you develop yourself professionally. I'll help you build confidence and challenge you in figuring out what it is your truly want with a job so that you can set healthy boundaries to achieve work life balance, develop yourself professionally, and become fulfilled with your career.


Get started and going

  • Establish overarching activity goal

  • Set step by step approach (including smaller goals)

  • Establish & Implement activity schedule

  • Advance through regular energizing coaching sessions 

Having trouble getting motivated starting an activity - especially working out? We have all been there. Fun fact I wasn't always the most active or healthy person. Being naturally "skinny" it was easy for me to avoid being active. To make it worse I didn't monitor what I ate or drank and I always used my busy schedule as a reason to avoid engaging in healthy activities. However it was during when my life was the busiest, in 2017, when I was working full time, tutoring part time, and studying for the GMAT that I decided to start a fitness regime that'd ensure I was active. I started out slow, with just a gym session and a running session here and there, but over the years I was able to push myself harder and harder. I also reevaluated what I was putting in my body - monitoring my intake - and I started meditating. Today I have a regular healthy routine & workout (even when I'm traveling), starting my day with a meditation, a strength workout, and running a 5K daily. I've also found my balance of eating and drinking mindfully, happily, and healthily. As an activity coach, I'll help you start, establish, develop, and manifest your goals to be more active allowing you to enjoy your life AND be healthy. You will learn that health isn't about weight loss but rather staying active and balanced so that you feel healthy and good about yourself.

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